I got really lucky one day in October 2020 with a data recovery. I was challenged when I discovered a hard drive I was handling had short circuited, and failed to power on. I did my best to diagnose the short by removing the HDD and testing the PCB with a multimeter. After research and testing, which was uncertain because the multimeter wasn't giving me a lot of confidence, I successfully removed one, and then the other of the two TVS diodes on the PCB.

They were really easy to spot because it was an old drive with large diodes.

I used a primitive wide barrel heat gun and metal tools to wrench the TVS diodes free, and one split apart on me.

TVS Diode all done HDD Without TVS Diode

In the end, I was successful, and I managed to get the drive to power on with an external SATA adapter and successfully mount, and backup all the data overnight.

TVS Diode all done