Alex's personal blog


I am a Canadian computer service technician and an AVID student of network technologies and blockchain technologies. Technically Computers is my home business, a sole proprietorship that I manage in my free time. I have a daughter who gets her good looks from her mother, and I would do anything for her.

I moved to Chatham-Kent in late 2021 for my daughter. I enjoy reading, writing, cryptocurrencies, and cooking. I like to study cryptography, and blockchain technology, for its possible future applications in business and finance.

My Background

I grew up in the Fraser Valley with a very rural life. Those were quieter years, riding my bike 45 minutes across town to play guitar hero at my friend's house on the weekend. Playing rugby at the high school with the boys after class everyday, against each other, because none of the teachers would 'sponsor' a team. Nobody had smartphones. That's your clue about my age.

In my earlier years I spent some time with The Source, then eventually wound up in security where I worked on a very large site monitoring and administering security control systems from Diebold, Siemens fire panels, CCTV systems. I studied computer hardware and mobile devices for a few years before starting work in a retail break-fix computer technician position in BC for 3 years. Now I work as a network support agent remotely, I have CompTIA Network+.

I make pages about self hosted / home server content here, some is useful for other people. Some might but just more useful for me.

In this section I post about some of the projects and discoveries and accidents of mine that I find interesting. And miscellaneous things that I just enjoy but aren't enough to have their own sections.

In this section I share or brag about my accomplishments.